Magir - December 29, 2011

by Mark Giroux

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released December 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Mark Giroux Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Deaf, Dumb and Jaded
Deaf, Dumb and Jaded

Verse 1
I'm walking away from the man, everyone told me to be
Took a little time to find out what I'm walking away from was my misery
And I'm a long way, a long way from home, miles from where I used to be
Deaf dumb and jaded, I'm tired and I'm faded, so don't expect too much from me

But baby I'm alright, alright, everything's gonna be fine
Yes I'm alright, alright, haven't I been all the time
If it's all night, hold tight, I have got nothing but time
And if I fight, the good fight, maybe I'll come back alright

Verse 2
So I go and I say fare thee well, choking down tears as I pass
But I know all the cold in my heart, will fade away into my past
And I know and I know I'm alone, I'll be there forever more
Try to understand that I'm happy to be there, I don't want to cry anymore

Track Name: Cavalier
Verse 1
Let it go, feel the pain and let it show
Take it slow, then take it fast as you can go
Be afraid, and then do it anyway
It's ok, it doesn't matter anyway

Chorus 1
I----'m living in apathy, and I don't care
Ooooooh life is a dream when your, cavalier
I'm driving over the line and I'm, too drunk to steer
Ooooooh I know that it's sad but I, just don't care

Verse 2
Just say no, then follow blindly when they go
It's better though, to be a hypocrite than be alone
Be enclosed, in your box or be exposed
Let it go, take a chance and just let go

Chorus 2
I----'m living in ecstasy, without a care
Ooooooh life is a dream when your, cavalier
I'm driving over the line and I'm, too drunk to steer
Ooooooh I know that it's sad but I, just don't care
Track Name: I'm Just a Man
Verse 1
I'm just a man, I go where the wind blows
If I drift your way, Don't ask me to stay,
just hold me a while
But don't dare to fall, for I will be gone
just as fast as I came
I never resist the change in the winds,
there stronger than me

But if I could only find a way to say I love you
I wouldn't have to
I wouldn't have to say goodbye

Verse 2
I guess I should go, the winds blowing strong today
But I will not cry, or kiss you goodbye,
cause that's not my way
You know I can't hold your hand, until we grow old,
or tell you your mine
I've nothing to say, and there's just no way
I can make it alright

Chorus *
Track Name: Memoirs of a Man
A man he gets old, his story is told
He sheds a tear as, he remembers someone dear
Oh pretty one, back from when he was young
Believing in a life, and happiness to come

Oh where has he gone, did you happen to see
Where did the time go, and how come
you didn't wait for me
If I'd only known, that I'd end up alone
I'd take back the love that we had,
forget and be on my own

For the pain is still here, it grows as the end grows near
The last embrace we held, holds on throughout
the years

So please let me go, For I can't bear the cold
I've lost all my pride, I've got nothing left
so please let me die
And I've never been more,
than when I was with you before
Much less of a man, I've done all I can
so I wait by the door

So please let me through,
I'll join in the darkness with you
No whispers or words that cannot be heard,
just sleep and be still
Sleep and be still
Track Name: Sweet Coloured Dreams
Come back to me, sweet colored dreams
Wings in the air, rising up through the trees
And I can't seem to see, what it means to dream
To be more at peace with the birds in the trees
Than all of the people I ever will meet
Is it strange to be, to be me, be me

Sometimes I sit and wonder, is it better to pretend
What's the point of being different,
it's so easy to pretend
I could be like all the people that carry on so happily
Dim myself to shades of grey and,
fake a smile and fade away

But nature it sees, as it pierces through me
All of the fear, and the uncertainty
And I'm so afraid, to be me, be me
But I'll be okay, it's how they say
Dreaming in color, and living in grey
Is the only way, it's okay, it's okay

Sometimes I still wonder,
wonder what I could have been
A broken bird I watch the rest fly,
they disappear into the wind
I thought that dreams would always be there,
but time it fades most everything
All too soon I'm left with nothing,
bright colors fade eventually
Oh, sweet colored dreams aren't for me
Track Name: Young Girl
Verse 1
You'll never know, what the pain of lonliness sows
And I cannot wait, around to see how it goes
Please won't you go, young girl, there are plenty for you
You needn't waste, your young years,
chasing a stubborn old fool

So please won't you go, young girl
can't you see what your doing to me
I feel your warm, heart closer, it starts to embrace me
And what can I do, young girl
I haven't strength to push you away
I am at your loves mercy, hearing your sweet melody

Verse 2
So now you go, and I feel as though I will cry
I push the tears way back, and try to forget,
that look in your eye
It's for the best, I keep telling myself,
don't question why
Cause pretty soon, you'll look back on me back on me
with little more than a sigh

Chorus 2
So now you go, young girl
Why did you go, young girl